What You Need To Know About Family Law Practice

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Family law involves a practice area which concerns legal issues that involve family relationships. This can include child custody, divorce, and adoption. The attorneys that practice family law just like the Holtz Law usually handle, child support, divorce, child custody and a host of other legal matters that are related.

Some of the family law lawyers specialize in emancipation, paternity, adoption along with other matters that is typically not linked to divorce. The states have a right to decide on “reasonable formal requirements” when it comes to marriage which includes legal capacity and age, while most states do not allow same-sex marriages (yet this is an area of the law that is rapidly changing). In addition, state laws also govern several procedures and rules for family-matters and divorce.

Common Terms Used In Family Law


Involves a court process where a minor assumes an adult responsibility for their welfare and becomes self-supporting and is no longer under care of one or both parents.

Marital Property

This is property that is acquired by one or both spouses in the marriage which will be subjected to division when the couple is in the process of a divorce.


This is an allowance that will be made to 1 spouse from the other associated with support after a pending divorce or legal separation.


Descent or origin from the father in order to establish the identity of the child or children’s biological father.

Prenuptial Agreement

This is the agreement which is made between a couple before they get married where they give-up their future rights to one another’s property if a death or divorce arises.

Reasons To Hire The Services Of A Family Law Lawyer

The majority of the family attorneys represent their clients in a divorce proceeding or for any other matters that are associated to the divorce. However, family law involves a broad area of practice which includes issues such as reproductive rights and foster care. The more common reasons that individuals hire family lawyers are inclusive of:


In these cases, each party will hire their own lawyer, that will assist them in attempting a settlement plan so that the case doesn’t go to trial.

Child Support Of Child Custody

Settlement agreements and court orders that involve both support and custody are typically included in the divorce cases. However, they can be revisited if conditions change. For example, child support might change if the financial situation of the non-custodial parent changes.

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